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Mughal Prints Round Shape Home Decor Art Piece Set Of 3

Mughal Prints Round Shape Home Decor Art Piece Set Of 3

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The classic style of Swister Decor's Mughal Prints Round Shaped Wall Art will elevate your living area. These magnificent artworks give a sense of cultural refinement to any space while capturing the complex beauty and glory of Mughal art.

Because they are made from premium materials, they are guaranteed to last and have a timeless aesthetic. Ideal for paths, living spaces, or bedrooms, the intricate patterns and eye-catching hues produce a fascinating focal piece. Discover the perfect artwork for your room by shopping online today, and take advantage of free shipping on your first purchase. The gorgeous Mughal designs from Swister Decor will elevate the atmosphere of your interior. 


• Made of 8-mm-thick MDF wood.
• Round laser cut.
• Vinyl print with lamination on it.
• Side and back painted for a finished look.
• Hooks are given at the back to hang it smoothly.
• Can be cleaned with a normal damp cloth.
• All materials and resources are sourced from our country and made in India.
• Unique designs and protective coatings.
• Dimensions in inches: 2 pieces: 18 x 18; 1 piece: 15 x 15.

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